BIG Venture Capital

The team at BIG has catapulted revenue for small, medium and large corporate brands. Think of us as offering the capital and expertise of Shark Tank (or The Profit). Part Venture Capital Firm and part Business Rocket Boosters, we have the experience, the capital and the machine to grow your product or service into a BIG corporation. BIG VC takes an ownership position in 2 to 3 new promising brands per year, and then we catapult the brand and its business utilizing the BIG Machine.  Expect immediate national and international exposure / revenue for your brand.

Our Investment Guidelines

  1. We work with brands and products that have already been built. We're not currently backing "ideas" or products still in the "development stage".

  2. We prefer products and brands that have solid, protected intellectual property.

  3. We only work with brands/products that have existing revenue and cash flow (cash flow does not have to be positive, but positive cash flow is preferred).

  4. We generally have the most success with brands/products that have only been in the marketplace for 1-3 years (we then provide them with the exposure and expertise they need to grow rapidly).

  5. We only work with widely accepted brands/products that are exciting and appealing to multi-target audiences... Brands that would sell well on TV and with integrated digital advertising programs.

  6. BIG will do sophisticated consumer research to be sure about the brand/product before investing and becoming owners in the firm.